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Welcome to the home of Vertoda. The Vertoda Framework is commercial open source software that captures data from wired, wireless and other networked/Web devices, transforms that data into meaningful pre-sorted, pre-filtered and translated information that can be used for business decision making and makes this information available to any of your organisation's existing IT infrastructure. You don't have to modify the programming code of your existing business systems and you can choose which business systems have access to which networked devices in a highly scalable and selectable manner.

Vertoda supports data capture from any type of standards based network.It can act as a standalone system or can be integrated as middleware to dissemminate timely and strategic information to any of your organisation's software and systems. Whether your organisation uses a complex corporate Information Systems such as Data Warehouses, Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence systems,  software packages such as a spreadsheet or desktop database or provides Cloud Computing services, Vertoda can provide a new, rich pool of information to enhance your business decision making, connect with your customers in a superior and more timely way, improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs and enable the development of new products and services.

Using its optimised cryptography and digital signature solution, Vertoda can secure data stored at your networked devices as well as data transported across your corporate networks. The Vertoda Security Platform provides end-to-end data protection across your enterprise for diverse computing environments such as smart grids and mobile networks. With the increasing sophistication of criminal attacks on computing systems, the increasing number of government regulations mandating security for computing environments and the alarming recognition that many computing environments are unsecure, data security is no longer an option but an essential necessity. Using optimised non-invasive hardware and software, Vertoda can ensure security and privacy for your networked environments and data communications and prevent the risk of data been compromised.

Vertoda IDE is a development tool that enables the intelligent coding to create software programs that can capture and secure data from any type of smart meter, wireless sensor network, RFID and GPS device. These programs can operate as standalone applications or can be integrated into the Vertoda Framework. Vertoda IDE can be installed as a standalone development environment, an EclipseTM plugin or can be accessed as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution.

A Platform for your Smart Infrastructure

The number of networked devices and equipment that enterprises use is increasing at an exponential rate.

Connected Planet

These smart objects are the technical drivers for interconnected smart ecosystems such as Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and other Smart Infrastructure.Smart objects provide new and timely data to help reduce energy consumption, alleviate traffic congestion, provide real-time equipment and instrumentation monitoring and track inventory among many applications. Vertoda provides data and security management to enable organisations to leverage 'The Internet of Things' by interacting with networked smart objects to provide a comprehensive secure platform. This platform will enable organisations to meet key initiatives and challenges in the coming years in areas such as green energy, new product development and cloud computing.

The Vertoda Framework is a CleanTech solution that not only helps with organisation to better manage their operations but also helps monitor and reduce energy consumption, pollution and waste. Vertoda enables electricity, gas and water utilities and their suppliers to effectively manage and secure their smart grid deployments. In fact, any organisation that is developing or deploying smart meters can use Vertoda for their data and security management.

Vertoda is a componentized system that can be customized for any type of equipment and system. Vertoda can be used to secure documents and data for Document and Enterprise Content Management Systems. Vertoda can capture or provide data for LIMS, SCADA systems, Distributed Control Systems, Manufacturing Execution Systemsand Weighing Systems. Vertoda can also capture data from OPC XML-DA Servers and Wind Turbines and make this information available in real-time to a Wind Farm's core IT infrastructure.

In today’s business environment,those organisations that pursue information centric strategies are the market leaders in their industry. The Vertoda Framework helps organisations and projects of all sizes to meet and exceed their business and IT goals with a solution that helps them to get the most value from a previously untapped Information Pool – their equipment and physical environment.

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